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Manipulation is a hands-on therapeutic technique used by highly skilled physiotherapists most commonly on spinal joints. It involves a quick manoeuvre which may result in a "crack" or "click" being heard from within the affected joint being manipulated. The aim of the manipulation is to loosen or unlock a stiff or locked joint in the back or neck to provide increased range of movement and/or decreased pain.

Manipulation may be of benefit in the event of a stiff/sore neck or back and is usually used in conjunction with other treatment methods. In some cases, manipulation is not indicated and indeed should be avoided. Careful assessment is undertaken by the physiotherapist to determine whether manipulation is warranted or appropriate.

Not all patients are suitable for manipulation and some patients do not like the sensation or the sound associated with the manipulation. Some patients may even be fearful of manipulation for a particular reason hence this form of treatment is only used with full patient consent.

If you have woken up with a stiff/sore back or neck, please call us to discuss whether manipulation treatment may be appropriate for you.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call (03)9790 4266 or email:

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