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Clinical Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a purely exercise based therapy that promotes strength and endurance in our postural and ‘core’ muscles. Pilates has been shown to reduce pain levels and improve overall functioning in people who suffer from chronic ailments, including low back pain.

As well as this, people without injury can also benefit from Pilates, through increasing abdominal and overall muscle tone, improving balance and stability, increasing general strength and flexibility, improving posture and improving muscle efficiency for high level exercise.

How is "Clinical Pilates" different from "Pilates"?

As Pilates has become more popular we have seen an increase in the number of classes being run at gymnasiums. Unfortunately a lot of Pilates exercise classes that are run in the gym setting involve the use of generic strength and balance exercises that may not be suitable for certain people. On top of this there will always be many people participating in a group class meaning you will not receive much feedback from the instructor (who is not a physiotherapist). For many people with back pain, gym based exercises such as this can simply aggravate their condition.

Clinical Pilates is always conducted with the supervision and guidance of a fully trained physiotherapist and the program is developed with specific reference to the injury that you currently have and the types of movements that your spine can tolerate. It takes into account your posture, muscle strength, flexibility and the goals that you have in terms of returning to work, sport or recreation. In this way you can be guaranteed that your Pilates program at Think Physio will be specific for you and will not cause any long term aggravation of your pain.

What Can Pilates Do For You?

  • Core muscle strength and control
  • Muscle tone
  • Postural awareness
  • General fitness
  • Pain
  • Injury Risk
  • Fatigue during exercise
Who will benefit from Pilates?

Everyone can benefit from Pilates!! This is because the exercises are always tailored to your level. Whether you suffer from low back pain, want to simply improve muscle tone or return to high level sport following injury, Pilates can definitely help you.

Why Is An Initial 1:1 Session Required?

This is what makes our Pilates "Clinical." This session is essential for us to be able to create a program specifically for you. During this session we will work out which exercises are most suitable for your spine, familiarise you with our Pilates equipment and provide you with some exercises to take home with you. Following this you may choose to continue 1:1 sessions with your physio, or join one of our group classes. Please feel free to call us to find out when these classes are run.


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