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Headaches are a common problem in our society and can arise for many different reasons, including as a result of tension in the structures of the neck and shoulders from poor posture or an injury to the neck.

Tension in these structures can irritate nerve fibers, which refer pain up into the head. Headaches arising from tension in the neck can be felt at the back of the neck, front of the head or sides of the head and will usually be felt as a dull, throbbing pain.

Headaches may also occur as a direct result of irritation or inflammation to the small joints at the top of the cervical spine (just below the base of the head). These joints can stiffen up either due to injury or degenerative changes or postural abnormalities.

Physiotherapy can help in cases where headaches are being caused by the cervical spine (neck). By using manual or "hands-on" techniques, a physiotherapist can reduce tension in the affected areas and loosen up stiff joints. This will often reduce the sensation of pain felt in the head.

It is important to note that not all headaches are caused by tension in the structures of the neck. Migraines, for example, are caused by spasming of the little blood vessels inside the brain and are often associated with other symptoms besides pain in the head. Although physiotherapists cannot fully treat migraines, they can help in correctly diagnosing them and referring on to appropriate medical professionals who can help, while also helping to reduce some of the pain associated with them.

If you are suffering from headaches, it is imperative to have a proper assessment of your neck by one of our physiotherapists to ascertain whether this may be the cause of your headaches. If your neck is indeed the cause…it is treatable and may even be curable!

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